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Pails for Scales Conservation

 Roy (with the help of the Pails Team) now wants to devote the rest of his 'fit years', to conservation work on both "THE BLOCK" Berringa Sanctuary, Victoria and our new Sanctuary "KRURR - RAK" Conservation Reserve, near Clear Lake, on the edge of Jipanger Nature Reserve, whilst also volunteering with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.


Pails for Scales Conservation is very passionate about conservation ... pop over to our Blocks New to find out more about how we are helping to save our native wildlife On our Block

Pails for Scales Conservation has been very pleased to help to  support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Find out how you can also help to save our native wildlife Australian Wildlife Conservancy


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Whats New



Berringa Sunset Sanctuary 

* Continuing work on the feral animal proof fence. 

* General maintenance

* Weed spraying  -  thistles, Spiny Rush and the weed from hell South African orchid weed


Krurr-rak Conservation Reserve ​

* Spraying - Bridal Creeper and  Thistles

* Week long wildlife survey 

Moonlight Creek Reserve

* Spraying Thistles​