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Small Animals

* Mice

* Guinea Pigs

* Blaze Rats



* Breeding pair of Princess Parrots

* Female King Parrot

* Female Cockatiel

* Female Kakariki


* Bells Phase Lace Monitor

* Gippsland Water Dragon


* New shipment of 385 Goldfish

* New shipment of 395 Tropical fish






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We do Birthday Parties. We can bring snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards and dragons to your house or party venue. $250 per hour or with Boris the Croc $300 per hour. Children can handle the reptiles, have photos and receive some great knowledge on reptiles!

We can come to your party or special event, please contact us to find out more!


Tanami Woma with her eggs


South African Orchid - an noxious weed which I have been trying to eradicate for 4yrs and have also been working on the neighbouring properties as well.

Hoping people in the Berringa area can keep an eye out and assist as well.

Known as the Weed from Hell by some conversation groups



Click on the picture below and help save our native wildlife.

Reptile Clearing Sale - Begins Again!

* Adult Murray Darling Carpet Python

was $360 now $300

* Adult Spotted Python

was $340 now $220

* Yearling Spotted Python

was $160 now $100

Adult Spotted Python

was $340 now $240


Snake Eggs

Coastal Taipan Babies

Inland Taipan Babies

Pygmy Python Babies

Blond Spotted Twins



Pinstripe Mac Spotted Python


Georgetown Stimsons

Pygmy Python Eggs

Striped Children's Python Eggs

Vic Carpet Python Eggs


Fierce Snake Laying Eggs


Sandfire Stimsons eggs

Finally Albino North West Carpet Pythons Hatching

Barkley Tableland Womas Hatching

Topaz Woma





.We can bring snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards and dragons to you. We can bring Boris the Croc and his reptilian friends to you at school, kindergarten and day care! We are available for:

We also do demonstrations at Shopping Centres, Expos, Shows and Corporate Functions.



Cane Toads

Congratulations to Professor Rick Shine on his work to help eradicate Cane Toads.

Research to date

Uncontrolled Burns

When will the DSE & CFA stop their uncontrolled burns? Fuel reduction bullshit, they are just killing off our native animals and destroying habitats. Burning the bush in different spots is no different to picking Tattslotto numbers! How do they know that this area may burn one day? How many years does it take for a tree or log to become hollow, one burn and it's gone, not to be used for years. They are playing Russian Roulette with our wildlife, this has got to be stopped!

Coal Mining in National Parks

On my last recent trip to QLD, it was announced that the QLD government was going to mine in a national park for coal. Why stop at coal, they might as well put in a pulp mill within the national park as well as an abattoirs to process all of the native animals! What next drilling for oil in the Great Barrier Reef?



Selling Australia

Moray Downs which is 120, 000 hectares was just sold to an Indian Industrial Conglomerate - how many more animals are we going to lose to this big sale?

I can't believe the Australian government is allowing Chinese businessman to buy up Australian properties knowing they are going to mine them for coal. Good news from the spokesman from the company they aren't going to mine the farming land, they are going to flatten the hills where our native animals have sought refuge from the cleared farming land. Who cares just a few more native animals to die off!

Lobby the Australian government to try and get this stopped!


It is unbelievable that so many people are complaining about how so many cows are being killed overseas, while our native animals are hit with sticks, shovels,shot or even run over to die a cruel, slow death. Nothing is ever done about this, the RSPCA don't care, DSE only worry about paperwork mistakes instead of in forcing that it is against the law to kill native animals.

It's hard to understand Australians because as soon as we have a problem with native animals all they want to do is get rid of them, ie. culling of bat colonies, crocodile turns up in Cairns and the media then wants to cull the crocodiles. Now they are hunting for a poor old shark after a surfer was attacked (After not realising it wasn't allowed to eat humans!) But when we have a problem with an introduced animal they jump up and down to try and stop you hurting these poor little animals, ie. dog attacks, pussy cats that aren't locked up, brumbys.

Cane Toads

It is hard to imagine the government can spend millions advertising on carbon tax but don't spend anything on controlling the cane toads, which are wiping out our native animals across Northern Australia! Now they are spending four million on pamphlets to explain the tax, more trees cut down!


Last weekend at The Block

Eastern Bluetongue enjoying some yummy left over colesaw from christmas. Found in one of our habitat rockery out the block.

Beautiful black coloured Copperhead with beautiful red sides, which people usually mistake for a Red Belly Black Snake in the local area.

The Copperhead was sighted on the new wetlands basking in the sun.


Australian Wood Ducks

New Holland Honey Eater

Rainbow Lorrikeets

Crested Pidgeon

Copperhead cruising across the wetlands.


Very exciting to find our very first Orchid on the property.

Sun Orchids


Blue Pincushion

Pink Grassland Bindweed


Eastern Brown Snake basking in the Sun!

He enjoyed feasting on the rats we had caught for his dinner.

A Short Beaked Echidna

A Jacky Lizard

Night Vision

- Brush Tailed Possums

Tawny Frog Mouth

Night Vision of the Sugar Gliders


A lot of people have been asking me what is "the block". It is 40 acres of land that I purchased in 1996, that is dedicated to wildlife conservation. It was barren, over grazed and eroded. We planted 1000 trees on the property in 2000. Since then I have purchased two more properties that join on to it. I also lease some land from the DEPI, that runs along side Moonlight Creek which boarders "the block". The main aim was to turn it into a wildlife reserve. My small piece of Australia to help save a small amount of our native wildlife and flora.