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Kerrigundi Sanctuary


Kerrigundi Sanctuary, 5001 acre property, west of Cobar in NSW was established in 2019, naming of this one was a no brainer as it’s the name of the area. Prior to purchasing the property, we had been completing reptile surveys in Gundabooka on a regular basis. Driving up and down from Victoria, we could see land clearing was a huge issue, as a result lots of habitats were destroyed, seeing the devastation for ourselves we knew that purchasing a property in this area meant less destruction and essentially an opportunity to help our native flora and fauna. In particular the main breeding ground for Major Mitchell Cockatoos as well as the grasslands in this area which are also very important for Kultarrs, both of which are now critically endangered. Having completed reptile surveys not far from the property previously meant we knew there were retiles around, we had also noted the Yellow Gums with lots of hollows, which would make ideal habitats for Major Mitchell Cockatoos and other parrots.

We have been very excited whilst visiting the sanctuary to see pairs of Major Mitchell Cockatoos, knowing they will be enjoying the nesting hollows on the sanctuary. Feral goats have been a continuing issue on the sanctuary which we are working hard to try to stay on top of.

Size: 5001 acres                          Birds: 67                     Mammals: 7

 Reptiles: 36                                 Amphibians: 10

Kerrigundi Sanctuary