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Southern Spiny Tailed Gecko Antarcticus (Saltia)
Lace Monitor Krurr-rak Conservation
Marbled Velvet Gecko Brindingabba
Sudell's Frog Brindingabba
Central Bearded Dragon Brindingabba
Shingleback Brindingabba
Myall Slider Antarcticus (Saltia)
Curl Snake Antarcticus (Saltia)

Pails for Scales Conservation

Roy has now closed Pails For Scales Uniquie Pets after 13 years , as he wanted to devote the rest of his 'fit years', to conservation work on both "THE BLOCK" Berringa Sanctuary, Victoria and the new Sanctuary "KRURR - RAK" Conservation Reserve, near Clear Lake, on the edge of Jipanger Nature Reserve, whilst also volunteering with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

As Roy started to relax out on the sanctuary ,him being a workaholic that he is decided to start his own conservation organisation , Pails For Scales Conservation , taking over another 3 properties    This devotion has turned into much more, with Pails for Scales Conversation entailing five properties: Sunset Sanctuary (formally The Block) at Berringa, Krurr-rak Conservation Reserve at Clear Lake , Kerrigundi Sanctuary West of Cobar, Antarcticus (Saltia) in the Flinders Range, and Wamsley Sanctuary at  Blanchetown. With a total of 8500 acres.

Sunset Sanctuary is now cat and fox proof allowing endangered wildlife to roam free and safe


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Whats New

Sunset Sanctuary 

*New mammal found a Lessr Long-eared Bat                                                                                                              *Controlled Burns carried out in May and June                                                                                                             * Guest speaker for Nature Stewards Program plus tour of the sanctuary                                                                  *  Monitoring feral animals outside the fence                                                                                                                  * Tile grid survey in May 2 reptiles 1 Amphibian found                                                                                                     * Birds on farm with Birdlife Australia ,new bird found a Stubble Quail

* Truck loads of rocks brought in to make more wildlife habitats

* The big fellow seen for the first time this year

* Planting more Banksias and Acacias

* Trailer loads of rocks brought in for wildlife habitats

* Krefts Glider survey

* Repairs to flooded animal hospital

Wamsley Sanctuary

*Clean up work finished , 5 truck loads of fencing wire removed , 300 tyres removed and big clean up of old tip site  * Mallee Fowls have opened up a old nest site preparing it for egg laying                                                                     * Tile grid survey in May produced 8 reptile species                                                                                                      * Helping the Pygmy Bluetongue recovery team search for lizards in spider burrows                                                     * 3 New reptiles found on recent survey Marble-faced Delma , Broad Banded Sandswimmer , Eastern Spotted Ctenotus

* Another Mallee Fowl seen

Krurr-rak Conservation Reserve ​

* Lots of Southern Red-tailed Black Cockatoos in Febuary                                                                                 *Spraying weeds ( Bridal Creeper , Thistles and Phalaris)                                                                                   * Clearing fallen trees of tracks                                                                                                                            * Carried out large surveys on Krurr-rak and 2 other sanctuaries near by

* Visits from lots of Southern Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos & Gang Gangs in November

Kerrigundi Sanctuary

*Organsing to have a Conservation Covernat on Kerrigundi , management plans drawn up                                  *Tile Grid survey carried out in May new Skink found Barred Wedge-snouted Ctenotus plus 8 other reptile species *Lots of feral animals removed from surrounding area                                                                                               * New frog found a Giant Burrowing Frog

* Had power repaired on the head office                                                                                                                       *Set up 2 reptile survey sites                                                                                                                                   *Tile grid reptile survey

*Spraying weeds ( Bathurst Burr and other weeds)

* Another load of wire rounded up

*Clearing all trees and shrubs on the west boundary

Antarticus Sanctuaryntarcticus (Saltia) Sanctuary

*Tile Grid survey in May 6 Reptile species found                                                                                                  * Feral goats removed                                                                                                                                                    * Old wire and tin taken to be recycled                                                                                                                  *Reptile survey turning up another five new reptiles in November

* African Box Thorn starting to be cut down and sprayed

Big Desert 

* Reptile survey with 2 new reptiles found

Moonlight Creek Reserve

*Spraying Spiny Rush                                                                                                                                                    *Spraying Thistles​