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Antarcticus (Saltia) Sanctuary


Saltia Sanctuary was established in 2021 (which was in the middle of COVID-19 Lockdowns), this meant it was impossible to visit the property due to it being in a different state.

Being part of the Flinders Ranges we thought it would be a nice rocky space, with the help of some photos from the real estate agent and knowing it had been destocked for 15 years which had allowed it to return to its more natural state, we purchased sight unseen in October 2021 and were unable to view the property in the flesh until February 2022. It was exactly what we had expected the area to be – rugged, weathered peaks and rocky gorges!

Establishing this area provides a protected and extended wildlife corridor throughout the mountain ranges for the Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies. Bird surveys completed in 2010 – 2012 show records of approximately 88 bird species on the sanctuary and we have discovered to date 35 reptile species, with Eastern Striped Ctentous being the most common. The sanctuary also protects the Mount Lofty Grass Trees which provide a stunning view, this had been something we had been looking for for some time and were very pleased to sight them on our arrival.

One of our favourite elapids, the Common Death Adder has been found by a friend on a property 20kms west of ours, we are very hopeful having Spinifex Grass, that makes good habitats for the Common Death Adders, that we may find one ourselves. Hence the name of the sanctuary, decided in February 2023, Acanthophis antarcticus, the scientific name of the Common Death Adder.

Continual process for us is spraying Angled Onion Weed (which is beginning to get out of control), along with the continued process of rubbish removal. Unfortunately, Saltia Creek is a popular spot for people to stop, it is such a shame that they feel the need to use it as a toilet and baby changing facilities – we will continue to address the issue with the council in the area to hopefully get bin facilities in the area.   

Size: 700 acres                           Birds: 91                     Mammals: 4

Reptiles: 21                                 Amphibians: 0

Antarcticus (Saltia) Sanctuary