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Our friendly staff are here for all your pet needs!

Pails for Scales is a small local Ballarat pet shop established in 2005, we stock almost everything you need to help keep your pet healthy and happy. Roy and Lynne and their friendly staff are always here to help with tips and tricks to help keep your beloved pets comfortable.

Not only do we sell various pet items but we also sell very Unique Pets, you can find everything from your common pet goldfish or rabbit through to spiders and snakes. We have a passion for native Australian animals and we pride ourselves on this. 

The quality of reptiles sold by Pails for Scales is excellent and you'll struggle to find a better place in Australia to buy reptiles. Not only will you be getting a quality animal but a wealth of knowledge at the same time, from one of Australia's largest breeders of reptiles!

So if you are just getting started with your animal family or all set to go, call in and see us at Pails for Scales, Unique Pets and we will be very happy to help! 


Pails for Scales are very pleased to help support Australian Wildlife Conservation, read more about how we are helping to save our native wildlife On our Block.At Berringa Victoria.

Find out how you can also help to save our native wildlife Australian Wildlife Conservancy


Business Registration - Bal/Pet/9



Whats New


- Rats

- Mice

- Guinea pigs

- Mini Lop Rabbits

- Baby Short neck turtles

- Baby Blue tongues

- Baby Bird eating spider



Arriving this week - ‚Äč

- Blaze Rats






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