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What is "The Block", it's our little piece of Australia to help conserve native wildlife and flora. 

A lot of people have been asking us what is "The Block". It is 40 acres of land that we purchased in 1996, that is dedicated to wildlife conservation. It was barren, over grazed and eroded. We planted 1000 trees on the property in 2000. With the main aim was it bring back the Silver Banksia that has virtually been wiped out of the area, also to bring back and protect the native plants. Since then we have purchased two more properties that join on to it. We also lease some land from the Department of Primary Industries (DEPI), that runs along side Moonlight Creek which boarders "The Block". The main aim was to turn it into a wildlife reserve. My small piece of Australia to help save a small amount of our native wildlife and flora.

When we first purchased the land we were cleaning out weeds and building habitats with the wheel barrow, pick and shovel. Over the years we have managed to purchase a tractor, quad bike, trailers and spray units to make life a bit easier. There is an old mine site on the property which we have been using the rocks to build habitats for snakes, lizards and small marsupials. In 2012 we started the four tier wet land project. More recently we have purchased a third property in the area which has facilities to camp out, this will allow increased time spent there working on making it wildlife friendly. 

We have always wanted to give the property a fancy name but it always comes back to being called "The Block".


​2016 We planted alot more Sliver Banksia's

2017 We planted Grass Trees

​2017 We started to build a 2m feral animal proof fence around the 80 acrea block sanctuary with plans to reintroduce animals that are now extinct in the area.