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Krurr - Rak

We had been in the process of looking for a larger property that bordered on a national park. We decided to look around the area where we knew the Southern Red Tailed Black Cockatoos inhabit. After missing out on a couple of larger properties the Real Estate Agent mentioned a property at Clear Lake. (We were thinking ...Where?). After working out it was still in Victoria and although it wasn't as big as we would have liked, we decided to check it out anyway. Upon viewing the property we were greeted with the magnificence of Banksias, both Desert and Sliver and also Scarlet BottleBrush which were all in flower. We absolutely love these flowers and were in ore of the view. As we were about to leave a large flock of Gang Gang Cockatoos landed in the trees near us and a Shingleback was sitting at the front gate.

We were very keen at this stage so decided to contact the current owners of the property to find out what conservation work had already been completed. They informed us that they had planted lots of Native trees, shrubs and flowers and also assured us that the Southern Red Tailed Cockatoos enjoy feeding at the property and that we would most definately have them there. So keeping in mind the work that had already taken place as well as the fact the Red Tails feed on the Stringy Bark and Buloaks plus the fact the 8700 Hectares of  Jilpanger Conservation Reserve boarders on the property, it was a plus for us!

Things were in our favour and we took over the property in February 2018 and started enjoying the 355 acres.

On our first camp over we were trying to come up with a unique name, as we didn't want it to be The Block 2 (which really has stuck with the first property, haha) After putting our heads together and lots of  brain storming we came up with Krurr-rak Conservation Reserve. Krurr-rak is the distress call of the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos and knowing that the Southern breed is listed as endangered thought it would be very appropriate.

Krurr-rak Conservation Reserve has a trust for nature covernance in place and we have been lucky enough to carry on the 'C.M.A Habitat Tender' to be able to continue to carry out conservation work.