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Feral Animals

Australia has one of the worst wildlife extinction rate in the world, One of the main reasons is the amount of feral animals, Killing native animals, spreading disease, destruction of habitat and native plants.
Cats kill millions of animals a day they spread toxoplasma which also kills our native animals. I have witnessed this with my own animals as my wombat and my Bennett’s wallabies dying of a cruel death from this disease. There are many uncaring, unreasonable cat owners that don’t keep cats inside there homes or in a cat run. There are owners that say they do the right thing and lock there cats up at night but this does not help as they kill birds and reptiles during the day.
Here are two examples of stomach contents of cats: 24 painted dragons, 3 beared dragons, 2 earless dragons, 3 striped skinks, 1mouse and zebra finch.
15 beared dragons, 1 dunnart, 1 frog, 1 honey heater, 3 skinks
Only 3 of these animals are nocturnal and only 1 being a feral.

Foxes are also a threat to our native animals.
Rabbits are killing our native vegetation and  causing erosion
Pigs and Goats are killing native animals, vegetation and are causing habitat destruction.
BLOODY CANE TOADS!!!! Which have wiped out millions of native animals a year.
And the list goes on camels, donkeys, horses, buffalos, cattle’s, hares, rats, mice sparrows, starlings, Indian mynas, pigeons, European  wasp, fire ants etc. etc.